Whether you’re thinking about investing in heat pumps, solar water heating, solar panels, or other eco-friendly energy sources for your house, improving the insulation of your house is the first step you’ve got to take. This will make sure that you optimize the use of natural resources and do not waste energy. You’ll end up spending a lot of money purchasing an extremely strong unit to cover the energy needs of a poorly insulated home if you don’t insulate your house.  

One of the most effective methods to save energy at home is insulation. The reason for this is that it keeps your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The truth is that a house with 3 bedrooms can save around $300 every year if they install spray foam insulation Oklahoma City in their cavity wall and loft.  

What Are Insulators Made Of? 

There are various qualities and materials. However, in general, excellent insulators include products that have a structure the same as wool. It basically traps tiny air pockets. Fabrics such as hemp and cotton are excellent insulators. This means that having these kinds of curtains will help you to insulate your house. Also, there is spray foam insulation. It can either be used around doors and windows or for roof tiles. To prevent draughts through gaps and cracks, you can also utilize sealants. 

Types of Insulation 

  • Floor Insulation 

This may be extremely costly. That’s why you really have to ensure if you actually need it. Usually, floor insulation depends on the type of floor you’ve got. Modern homes typically have insulators under the concrete floor surface. However, older homes that have suspended floors will require a lot of money. Placing high-quality rugs all around the house is one extremely affordable substitute for floor insulation. Also, this will provide you a nice feeling when strolling in your home. 

  • Door and Window Insulation 

You have to ensure you’ve got triple or double glazed doors and windows. For those who don’t know, a triple or double glazed windows or doors means that you have 2 or 3 panels of glass a couple of millimeters apart rather than one glass. These types of windows will also block noise from the outside. Thus, it can keep your house silent and warm. 

  • Roof Insulation 
  • Cold Loft – This is the insulation of the ceiling right above the uppermost story. 
  • Warm Loft – This is the insulation of the roof right under it. This is a bit more costly compared to a cold loft. However, it’s typically a better option. 
  • Wall Insulation 

There are 2 types of wall insulation. It depends on the type of wall you have. 

  • Solid wall Insulation – You can choose between external and internal insulation if you’ve got solid walls. Usually, external insulation covers the whole part of the property. On the other hand, internal is basically installed in inner rooms. 
  • Cavity Wall Insulation – The insulation is installed to the gaps of the wall by drilling holes. After that, they will then cover the holes using cement.